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How to Prepare for Your Massage

All massage therapist preach about water - and for good reason.  Drinking a big glass of water before and after your massage is going to help you feel less sore, it will help your muscles recover quicker and will help your lymphatic system flush everything that we stir up out of your body.


Warm muscles are easier for us to work on.  Taking a brisk walk, or coming after your morning workout makes it so your muscles are already warm and loosened up for us.  This isn't necessary,  but it does help!


TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!  I know it is hard to disconnect, but turn it off.  Or leave it in the car.  It is amazing how a massage can be going so well and then a phone dings.  Immediately my patient gets stiff and I can tell that their mind is on their missed call instead of healing their body.


Stretch a bit and take inventory of what hurts.  Trust me, I will find your sore spots.  The more information you can give me before the massage, the better I will be able to work on the areas that are really bothering you.  


Print and fill out my order form HERE.  Don't worry if you don't have time for this, but if you are like me you want to have it out of the way when you come into the office.


Clear your schedule.  Please don't leave a massage and go straight to your Zumba class, or you high-stress job.  Give your body a couple hours to enjoy the effects of relaxation.   I work evenings and weekends for this reason!!