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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite can be a combination of many things. Most commonly it is a blend of tight connective tissue that is pulling down creating "dimples", fat or adema (swelling) rising up between the dimples to create the "hills" and a breakdown of the dermis.


My treatment for cellulite can include heat therapy to warm up the tissue (hot stones and a warming oil) and a treatment that includes cupping to break up the connective tissue and smooth out the cellulite appearance, myofascial work using a rockblade or a cellulite treatment tool, myofascial massage and lymphatic work.

After the treatment I decongest the area and recommend LOTS of water to flush out the lymphatic system. Depending on your body and how much cellulite you have, I generally recommend 1 or 2 treatments a week until you get to your desired shape. After that, bi-weekly or monthly (depending on your body) treatments to maintain the results.


Cellulite cupping is not a permanent fix. The cellulite will come back unless you maintain the treatment or drastically change your leg composition. It is, however a low-cost, low-pain fix for a condition that effects a majority of women. Get beach ready with cupping!

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