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Hot Stone

I think one of the best nights sleeps that I have ever had is the night after I got a 90 minute hot stone massage session from a friend. The sustained heat mixed in with the massage therapy took me to a whole new level of relaxation and bliss. I definitely recommend if you love heat!

We have invested in the Synergy Stone hot stones.  They are a line of hot stones that have been shaped and design with heat retention and therapeutic use in mind.   They feel amazing!



Adding essential oils to your therapy session is an excellent way to get lasting relaxation from your massage. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety, increase memory and energy and more. This is a field that I am still learning about, but that I am very excited about. I have a few blends that I love - one is called Clarity that is eucalyptus, citrus, and a few others. It makes me feel calm and renewed.


Something I am experimenting with at home is using essential oils to replace cleaning agents. I use them in my floor cleaner and to disinfect my hot tub!

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