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Prenatal Massage

Never in our lives as women do we need a massage more than when we are actively growing another human in our womb.  It can be an exhausting, emotional, exhillarating, queasy time - often all at once.  


Prenatal massage can help the Mommy to be (and the Daddy to be) relax.  Massage can ease aches and pains, help recover from nausea, and assist with sleep.  


How Does it Work?

For the first few months you will probably be comfortable lying on your stomach for the 30-45 minutes of massage that is spent prone.  After that, I have some special pillows that have a spot cut out for a baby bump and your now-larger chest.  Once we out-grow that, we move to lying on our side.  It is actually a very comforting and comfortable way to recieve a massage.

Valerie's Experience

I actually had a very unique training experience with prenatal massage.  I was lucky enough to go to massage school with a beautiful and brave lady who was pregnant all through our schooling.  She gave birth just a few days after we graduated from the program.  


Thanks to this experience I learned all of the modalities in school on her - and we discussed what was and was not appropriate for her each time she got on the table.  

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