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Keeping it Clean 

So You Can Relax

We want to be sure our clients are comfortable so they can relax when they come for their massage.  In addition to our usual cleaning protocols we have added the following to our routine:

1. Your therapist will wear a clean mask and you are welcome to wear one as well if you feel comfortable.  We have found it's rather uncomfortable to wear a mask when face down in the face cradle, but you are welcome to wear one or just have one for when you are face up.  We will have both disposable and cloth masks available for you at the office.

2. There will be no penalty for cancelling last minute or within the 24 hour window if you feel like you need to. We appreciate notice of some kind, but we do not want anyone to feel pressured to come to their appointment if they aren't feeling well or aren't comfortable.

3. Washing hands, washing hands, washing hands. When we arrive.  When you arrive.  Before we walk into the room to do a massage and right after (of course).  You get the idea.  Hand sanitizer is also available in the treatment rooms and in the lobby.  Feel free to use it!

4. Continued enhanced cleaning protocols. Wiping down all surfaces that anyone has touched between each client. Increased floor cleaning, the massage table and face rest will be sanitized and allowed to dry per CDC and my sanitizer's recommendations.

5. We will ask clients to not arrive before their appointment time. We've always tried to have a 30 minute gap between clients and this will be strictly adhered to to give time for sanitizing to ensure that client's won't overlap in the office at any time.


6.  Laundry machines have been installed at the office and sheets will go directly into the washer after each appointment.  (I'm so excited about this!  No more taking laundry home with me!)

7. The therapists will be taking their temperature each morning before leaving for the office.

8. Other sanitary measures such as individual lotion containers, HEPA filters and airing out the rooms, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us

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